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And this is another lesson that Arkady remembered forever. But not all people are able to learn from their mistakes. This is one of the reasons for the prosperity of the casino OnlineCasinoItaliani.

The next day, Arkady, together with a friend with whom he went to play, sat in a circle of friends and drank beer. A friend talked about yesterday's trip excitedly, not ceasing to admire the intuition of Arkady and his ability to guess not only the winning sector, but also the number that has fallen ...

The shack was located around the corner. At that time it existed for almost a year. But the palm of the first Moscow casino was held by an institution in the Leningradskaya Hotel near three railway stations. Lokhovnik bore the proud name.

After "U" was the name of the owner, indicating his national origin. Then it was fashionable to "perpetuate" your name in the name of institutions, because it was assumed that they would last indefinitely.

And now these relics of the past have a place to be, but already in the names of food products. With the opening of the Sovereign, many serious players changed their place of deployment and, turning the corner, said goodbye to the swindler.

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